Ei-hallittava 5-porttinen teollisuus Ethernet-kytkin, -40 ... +75C | Perle IDS-105F-XT
Ei-hallittava 5-porttinen teollisuus Ethernet-kytkin, -40 ... +75C | Perle IDS-105F-XT
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Ei-hallittava 5-porttinen teollisuus Ethernet-kytkin, -40 ... +75C | Perle IDS-105F-XT

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5 porttia: 5 x 10/100Base-T RJ-45 portit. -40 ... +75C käyttölämpötila-alue.

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  • 5 port 10/100Base-TX ( RJ45 )
  • 4 port 10/100Base-TX ( RJ45 ) with an SC/ST fiber port
  • Hazardous Location and Industrial Control Equipment Certification
  • Corrosion resistant IP30 aluminum case
  • Redundant dual power input 12/24/48 VDC, 18 to 30 VAC
  • Overload current and reverse polarity protection
  • Industrial operating temperature support up to -40 to 75C

Perle Industrial-grade Ethernet Switches are designed to stand up to extreme temperatures, surges, vibrations, and shocks found in industrial automation, government, military, oil and gas, mining and outdoor applications.

The IDS-105F 5 port Industrial Ethernet Switch provides advanced performance and enables real-time deterministic network operation. It requires no configuration and will instantly operate as soon as you power it up.

The IDS-105F, which comes in a variety of models, are rugged fan-less switches that are hardened to provide superior reliability in 0 to 60°C, or harsh extended operating temperatures from -40 to 75°C.

Perle has been designing industrial hardware for serial ModBus and Profinet to Ethernet conversion environments for over 35 years and have used this expertise to design the toughest Ethernet switches on the market. Don’t trust your critical communications to commercial switch products. Perle Industrial Ethernet switches give you proven assurance that your system will keep running for years to come.

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