Vikasietoinen konsolipalvelin, 32x RS232 | Perle IOLAN SCS32C DC
Vikasietoinen konsolipalvelin, 32x RS232 | Perle IOLAN SCS32C DC
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Vikasietoinen konsolipalvelin, 32x RS232 | Perle IOLAN SCS32C DC

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Vikasietoinen konsolipalvelin, 32x RJ45 RS232 portti (Cisco pinout), 1x 48VDC, 2x Giga LAN, PCI-korttipaikka (kuitu, 3G/4G).

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IOLAN SCS Console Servers have a truly fault tolerant design to minimize downtime and provide reliable, secure remote device management. With built-in dual Ethernet and Redundant Path technology the IOLAN SCS provides assured serial console port access, offering the most reliable solution for managing data center and remote branch equipment… all at the best price performance.

Why IOLAN SCS Console Servers are the preferred choice:

  • High performance 400 MHz, 750 MIPS, 32 bit processor with integrated hardware encryption processor for the best throughput
  • Clustering – Provides a single view of all out of band console ports. Ideal for large data centers 
  • Intelligent Power cycling of equipment with Perle Remote Power Switches
  • Next Generation IP support (IPv6) for investment protection and network compatibility
  • Primary/Backup host functionality enables automatic connections to alternate hosts should the primary TCP connection go down
  • EasyPort Web – Access equipment serial console ports by using your java-enabled Internet browser
  • FIPS 140-2 – Cryptographic modules meet US Government NIST compliancy
  • Dynamic DNS – Easy console management access from anywhere on the Internet
  • Java-free browser access to remote serial console ports via Telnet and SSH
  • Ping watchdog probes enable customers to power cycle equipment with attached Perle RPS power switches in the event of an unresponsive networking gear
  • PCI Slot for integrated out-of-band access
  • Lifetime warranty – best investment protection available

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